June 13, 2012

Triple You Triple Update

The homies at Triple You Tapes hit me up with news on their three newest releases. All three are fan-fucking-tastic so here's a few words about each, complete with pretty pictures and sounds. Up first is Triad God's NXB. With a reference to China's criminal underbelly in his name and an ominous but energetic tone to his music, this might very well be what we would hear being performed for the lord of China's largest crime syndicate.

Stream/Download: Triad God - NXB

Dynooo's De Vlindermes tape dives into a slightly more ethereal weird, with chilled synth sounds bent and warped into warm ambiance while crystalline clinks and almost plucked sounding percussion chug through the release. I never get enough of this sort of tape bent drone, and I love the meditative effects it has. It's easy get lost in Dynooo's music.

Stream/Purchase: Dynooo - De Vlindermes

The final release in the triple update is the new Other Than Conscious EP from Featureless Ghost. A duo that's never content to fully settle on a sound, this is Featureless Ghost like we've not heard them yet. It's summer time and these cuties are obviously ready to dance. Six explosive tracks retain FG's brilliant ability to blend mind and processor as one, while creating a soundtrack for the new age of digital rebellion that simply begs us all to have fun.

Stream/Download: Featureless Ghost - Other Than Conciousness
Head over to Triple You's bandcamp to check out their full catalog of killer releases. Signing out for Decoder Magazine and DoFuDyn Entertainment Enterprises, this has been Jheri Evans with a Triple You Triple Update.

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