June 26, 2012


Back when GOTC was just a fledgling and I was barely into my first year of blogging, I stumbled upon a blog called Chocolate Bobka. The blog, run by Michael McGregor, helped to evolve my ideals of experimental music and turned me on to some of my all-time favorites. For example, it was thanks to Bobka that I discovered Dylan Ettinger, a man who has musically and personally influenced me positively in so many ways. Over time I've gotten to know McGregor and he still constantly amazes me with his forward thinking approaches to experimentalism, seemingly willing to try anything he's unfamiliar with to know the experience. Over the past couple of years McGregor has let go of Chocolate Bobka and at the same time moved into his own musical venture under the moniker Meadowlands. Crafting  longform synthesizer based ambiance, he is essentially perfecting the genre he taught me to love. Last Fall McGregor spent a week in Neukölln, the eighth borough of Berlin, at 43 Mainzer Straße. While there he crafted thirty minutes of beautiful ambiance that he has now titled Music From Mainzer Straße, available as of today on Moon Glyph. Here we have the opening track from the tape, "U8".

Music From Mainzer Straße is available now on cassette via Moon Glyph.

Meadowlands also had two other tapes released earlier this month; The Sounds of Skyline Blvd on Patient Sounds and Cross-sectional Studies on Exo Tapes. Cross-sectional Studies is already sold out, but I just got word that Patient Sounds still has one copy of The Sounds of Skyline Blvd left, and Tomentosa has a few copies as well. Peep the stunning full visual accompaniments for both releases below.

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