June 12, 2012

Untitled Hobbledeions Album #3

Last month, LA-based cassette label and letterpress titan No Kings Record Cadre released a new full length with Nashville drummer savant Scott Martin, aka Hobbledeions; raising the yield of their longtime association to three albums. So far as I can tell Martin's latest is untitled, but it is far from nondescript, particularly seen from within his discography. To make a long story short, relentless drums and sample manipulation have never been more beautifully wed. With the sacrifice of the more shambolic impulses in his temper and what sounds to be the most conscientious production his work has ever received, from himself or otherwise, Martin's music sounds more mature and fully realized. Moments of significant beat experimentation and new approaches to samples make this one of his most unconventional releases and probably his most entertaining album to date.

Stream: Hobbledeions - Side B Excerpt
Grab it on tape here.

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