June 8, 2012

Video: Georges Vert - Jovan Freak

Solid goldJon Brooks is likely best known for crafting beautiful and compelling music for Ghost Box as the Advisory Circle - we make the decisions, so you don't have to - though some of his best work has come from his own digital imprint Cafe Kaput. The Kaput releases find Brooks trying out different personas and constraints to often magical results (see his Dieter Rams inspired work, derived entirely from the Rams-designed Braun AB-30 alarm clock). While the write-up for this latest release suggests Brooks only participated in label duties, I can't quite be certain he didn't contribute to the music as well; any (and all) of the names from the upcoming album's personnel could be ole JB. The story doesn't matter in this case, though, as the selections released for An Electric Mind suggest this record may be a serious 2012 highlight.

Stream: Georges Vert - An Electric Mind

An Electric Mind will be available from Bandcamp on Monday June 25th.

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