June 7, 2012

We Have A Store!

You might have noticed last month the addition of a Store tab in our header, replacing what originally said magazine. If you clicked the link and became instantly bummed when all you got was a ruddy coming soon image, be bummed no longer! I recently started my own t-shirt design venture called Air NyQuil, inspired by '90s sports brand designs and a love for weird photoshop imagery. Up until now it's functioned entirely through Society6, meaning the shirts are made to order and I make very little off of what sells. Now Dwight, Liz and I have decided to take the next step in our limited edition media ventures. We had 24 of the above NyQuil Jordan shirt made for our first run of Air NyQuil shirts that we're selling ourselves, in sizes S-XL. We do realize that 24 is an outrageously low number, but it's all we could afford at the moment. If these sell we promise there will be more. The good thing is we can sell them for cheaper than Society6. In addition to selling the shirt on the store page, we've also added the option to order copies of the first issue of Decoder Magazine, which we promise is still on the way despite some bumps in our personal lives that have slowed down production. Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us.

You can click here to visit the store if you don't feel like scrolling back up. The t-shirts are available at $15ppd domestic and $19ppd international, with the first 5 orders also receiving a free Air NyQuil print. The magazine pre-order is available at $20ppd domestic and $24ppd international.

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