July 17, 2012

Aaural II

If you've read Decoder for any amount of time, you'll probably have seen "Ann Arbor" come up a fair bit, thanks to a good creative infusion from the University of Michigan and the variety of local musicians and producers who have just announced the more formal organization of themselves into a "collective"; GRL MTN is the result. Their connection to their city is strongly felt...
"Sometimes a place emits a magical essence. We are GRL MTN, not only a collective of musicians, but a group of friends drawn together by the spirit of a small town in Michigan: Ann Arbor. We invite you into our world through a destination unbridled by physical location to explore our art . . . Warmed by your presence, we’d love to share our Ann Arbor with you."
Though the GRL MTN's catalog collects a diverse group of releases from its members, its organizers have seen fit to announce the new group with a mixtape, titled Aaural II, which follows on last year's mix of the same name from a sleepier, nascent iteration of the collective. It's got exclusives from beat master Chrome Sparks, a gorgeous excursion from MedicineHat, and a slew of others from some of our friends like Kohwi and Sad Souls. Not to be missed...
Aaural II is a compilation of our latest work—spanning abstract melancholic ballads to pulsating grooves, channeling through environments organic and electronic.
Download Aaural II here and explore the rest of GRL MTN's extensive output on their website.

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