July 16, 2012

All the Learning

Regarding their new tape with Massachusetts musician Will Henriksen, aka Harmoos, Arizona art label Holy Page Records asks us to "think Brian Eno and James Taylor running into each other really fast and becoming one person". Henriksen has crafted his music nicely in that vein, making delicate folk songs and producing them to perfection on this album, All the Learning, the first new release from Holy Page since spring and proprietor Christian Filardo's newest release in the epic unfolding of his moniker, Good Amount. He also writes of All the Learning, "As light fades the echo of the day rings out through the night and the quiet sets in. A heavy thought represented in the lightest way". That is this album, at times dolorous in its passage, but always engrossing for the precocious completion of his ballads through technical mediation. To me it seems an album about living well in the world.

Buy Henriksen's album All the Learning on cassette or download it for free at Holy Page.

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