July 5, 2012

Bluu Forms

Bluu Form is the second EP from Kyoto based beat maker Madegg to be released on Flau Records, representing an advance technical his technical ability and surely pleasing the Tokyo based label whose peculiar affinity "for fragile arrangements and microscopic songwriting" Boomkat had previously pointed out; Madegg is that and Bluu Form is wrought in a mental space of meticulous deliberation. Though the EP begins on a reserved note with its long, precocious opener "Young Age", the label has highlighted the EP's more representative second and title track for us, full of tighter arrangements and a quicker pace in it's three minutes twenty-nine seconds. Speaking of lengths, at 50 minutes long this is a big EP and Flau isn't emphasizing any kind of conceptual unity across the release except so it may be better understood as a beat tape. Whatever the case, Bluu Form is a strong second offering from Madegg that easily showcases his range and ability as a producer.

Stream/Download: Madegg - Bluu Forms Download Bluu Form from Flau Records. If you buy it, seek out track #7. You won't regret it.

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