July 2, 2012

Bola Rremixes

This spring Awesome Tapes from Africa released the international debut from Bola, a Ghanian musician hailing from the counry's so called "Frafra" population, so named by European colonialists after mishearing a common greeting. Bola is a pioneer himself, adapting new instruments and technology to the production of his music, forming at least in part the inspiration for a surprising follow-up to his debut; Awesome Tapes got some other forward thinking friends to give some Bola tracks the right treatment. We're streaming a grab-bag composite remix from Ital, aka Daniel Martin-McCormick of Mi Ami, though the official release also features "Lamin Fofana, a producer aligned with NYC's Dutty Artz crew; California-based Anzano & Palermo (Joshua Anzano of Corrine and Titan and Damon Palermo of Magic Touch, Mi Ami, and a constant collaborator with Jonas Reinhardt); and Miles Seaton (Akron/Family) and Blue Hawaii (Icy Demons, Bablicon)". 

Stream/Download: "Ital's Bola Megamix"
Grab Bola Remixes on iTunes or click through to the Awesome Tapes website for links.

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