July 31, 2012

Datter / Remix

Earlier this year CHLLNGR released the Datter EP on Time No Place. The EP is a dark, almost brooding maelstrom of R&B-influenced dub. It's the kind of music I love tripping shrooms to while attempting to find myself. Today Time No Place has once more teamed with CHLLNGR to release Datter / Remix. Obviously a remix EP to compliment it's original brethren, the EP features reworkings from Yalls, Bam Spacey, Lamin Fofana, Olga Bell, Coyote Clean Up and Doctor Echo. All six tracks hold true to the bass heavy, dark stylings of CHLLNGR's tunes, with sparkling glimmers of light seemingly trying to break the darkness throughout. There's certainly a bit more energy in remix EP, making it the perfect mid-summer companion to the more somber mid-winter original.

Stream/Download: CHLLNGR - Datter / Remix
If you missed the Datter EP earlier this year, head over to Kompakt.fm to get your fix.

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