July 13, 2012

Discoverer Plays Bertrami

On Sunday, Brazilian jazz keyboardist and Azymuth member Jose Roberto Bertrami died. Though this went mostly unnoticed in the eWake culture (no Trending Topic, no string of YouTube videos on Facebook or 140-character eulogies), the news definitely stirred something in my housemate Brandon Knocke and me. We're both Azymuth devotees, their Milestone albums being permanent living room fixtures. Brandon records music as Discoverer, and to celebrate the life of the late Bertrami, he recorded a version of "Broken Key", one of our favorite Bertrami compositions from their 1986 album Tightrope Walker.

Stream: Discoverer "Broken Keygen" The debut Discoverer LP Tunnels is out later this summer on Digitalis Recordings.

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