July 26, 2012

Dream, Interrupted / Cosmic Island

The dudes at Potholes Music are keeping busy this week. On Tuesday they issued the first digital distribution of 2007 Grammy nominee Danny Swain's Dream, Interupted, a 23-track wonder that was previously only given a limited release in the UK. Dream, Interrupted is a smooth, soulful record of glistening beats atop warm vocal samples and orchestral samples that will make the heart swoon.

Stream: Danny Swain - Dream, Interrupted
Purchase the entire album digitally for $5 at bandcamp.

Just today Potholes dropped their third instrumental compilation. Cosmic Island is absolutely as warm and lush as the title sounds. It's the perfect compilation to bump at 3am as you blaze blunt after blunt riding up and down the boulevard. I've admittedly not heard of most of the producers on the mix, but that makes it all the more exciting how fantastic every beat is. It's also nice to see the homie Ryan Hemsworth closing things out with a woozy tribute to his broken SNES.

Stream/Download: Cosmic Island, a Potholes Music Compilation

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