July 19, 2012


It takes a lot to really get my attention these days while going through the mountains of promo packages we receive at the ol' HQ. So when a package of tapes (among a hundred other packages of tapes) contained a handful of fantastically designed and silkscreened covered cassettes with a curious URL (http://tapesprogressadministration.blogspot.com/), my interest was piqued. At the top of the stack was Fracture/Failure/Mode by D\\VV\D, housed in black & dayglo orange-screened covers with an appropriately angular, minimal design. Musically, D\\VV\D sound like they exist in a dystopian cyberpunk future, at home blasting from concrete radios in a post-Snowcrash world. Cold synths and skitzed-out rhythms live beneath a galactic haze, moving smoothly down black-glass highways to some distant point rising skyward on the horizon. Robo-stylized vocals only add to the bleakness and desperation.  It's not reinventing the wheel or anything, but it's a damn good listen. Someone get these guys to soundtrack something. Check out this excellent non-album cut below or head over and pick up one of the tapes from Snow Clone.

Stream: D\\VV\D - Not Janet Jackson's Control

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