July 25, 2012

Fake Flamingo Releases Stems

Fake Flamingo Recordings, a weekly-singles pseudonym imprint that releases two track bandcamp albums for free from musicians working under assumed names, recently announced a new undertaking; to make the stem files for all their releases available, encouraging fans and bands alike to remix their catalog. Here's their message in its entirety:
We are interrupting our normal release schedule this week to announce an ongoing project to make the stems for tracks released on Fake Flamingo Recordings widely available. Using a Creative Commons license, these stems will be made publicly available on our Soundcloud account. We invite artists (both anonymous and established) to remix our tracks or use the sounds in their own work. Please submit remixes to us at fakeflamingorecs@gmail.com so we can share them with the community. We will be updating the available stem sets continuously. You can access the first batch NOW!
[FFR001] Puerto Pobre - "Everyone Distorts" (original) (stems)
[FFR001] Puerto Pobre - "Thank You" (original) (stems)
[FFR003] VBZ - "Quasicrystals" (original) (stems)
[FFR003] VBZ - "RGB" (original) (stems)
[FFR005] Muir Moor - "Gliding" (original) (stems)
[FFR006] Southbound Barriers - "Miami Peach" (original) (stems)
Check out Fake Flamingo on bandcamp and listen to their most recent single here.

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