July 25, 2012


Drew Smith runs a small music blog called MTYMNHKA (Music That You May Not Have Known About) and a small imprint of Adenine Records called Sarcastic Magician, all in addition to his personal recording project, Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra. He's also 13 years old. Not to make a thing of it, but I think most of us can agree that warrants a hardy "fuck yea", or whatever genteel equivalent suits you. Smith does all this from his bedroom in Lawrence, KS, affectionately known as the "Analog Room", an intensely managed studio that's most recently produced Finale, a series of drone and feedback recordings named and composed in such ways as to give the distinct impression that the he knows the writings of Luigi Russolo, the Italian futurist and pioneering musical aesthetician whose output some consider to be the first real laboratory for noise music. "Low End Frequencies Being Blown From The Speakers of Doom" is matter of fact enough, and a tremendously accurate description, in as much as "Fuzzy Beard" describes Smith's warped meanderings and the warm bed of fuzz that formed their foundation. The album ends appropriately with "Finale", a more melodic guitar raga, but Smith reserved his most penetrating noise for a ten minute discursion named simply (and quite charmingly) "Id". We like Drew Smith, indeed indeed.

Download Finale for free or purchase it on limited edition CD here, but we highly recommend checking out Drew's work as the headman at Sarcastic Magician.

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