July 31, 2012

Give Forward: Jered Dowden

In the past year Relief In Abstract has served us some astoundingly delicious tunes, bringing us killer digital releases from the likes of XXYYXX, Grant, Fortune Howl and plenty more. This past weekend the label's founders were in a terrible car accident that left co-founder Jered Dowden with several shattered bones in both his right and left leg, as well as a broken left hand. While there was no fatal damage, Dowden is now in for the difficult process of trying to learn to walk once more, after having metal rods replace several of the shattered bones in his lower half. We are beyond excited that Jered is alive and in a position to be helped, but he has a struggle ahead of him that we can all make easier, at least financially. Dowden's insurance won't cover the full expenses for surgeries, physical therapy, and various other things he will need for his recovery process, so a Give Forward page has been set up to allow anyone with a gentle heart and an extra dollar to help Jered and his family through this unfortunate situation. Our best wishes and posivibes go out to Jered, his family, and the entire Relief In Abstract crew.

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