July 5, 2012

Gray Days

I tend to avoid words like "effortless" and "taut" but Italian trio Brothers in Law made Gray Days both, adding another winner to the catalog of fellow Italians We Were Never Being Boring as well as Irish imprint CF-Records (one of the transpacific homes of Ohio's Cloud Nothings). The core of the band is actually two brothers in law who conceived of a band while on vacation with two sisters, their respective girlfriends, adding a drummer who alas could not also be their brother in law, but maybe three brothers in law would be too much. Their back story talks a lot about listening to luminaries and their favorite new stuff together, but I can't agree with some who have said it's just light "summer fare"... come to think of it, I mostly dislike people's eagerness to define music by seasonal associations, though who knows, maybe they really did just want to make a "really good summer record". The point is, I like Brothers in Law more than the famous people they've played with and I can't recommend their vinyl debut any more highly. 

Buy it from We Were Never Being Boring or CF-Records.

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