July 30, 2012

Greetings From... Spring Break Tapes!

New Year's Eve, 2011, we introduced y'all to Spring Break Tapes in one of my last posts to Get Off the Coast, recommending their cassette with Don Cash (here's the original post). While they prepare a tape with composer Ali Helnwein, who scored the New York Times' Emmy-nominated short film series Touch of Evil, they're pushing a gorgeous beat-tape: Greetings From Spring Break Tapes!, each one a lavishly custom-made package with ten individual illustrations for every contributor from label proprietor and meister collagist Joe McKay. Incidentally, some of you may be surprised to recognize that McKay's work is not entirely unfamiliar - he did the album artwork for Broken Social Scene's album Forgiveness Rock RecordThough the notion of a beat-tape predates the contributions, they started coming together after McKay was introduced to Lazloh's soon-to-be contribution "Laz" via soundcloud; he resolved immediately to have a reason to release the track. Spring Break alums Junior Pande and Don Cash were quickly introduced to the project, supplemented by a track from West Widows while he prepares a tape with the label, two from Junior Pande's fellow Toronto natives Elaquent and Sunclef, and a few others that fans of Geweih Ritual Documents may recognize from their diverse going-ons; they connected McKay with Jah Connery, Amable, and Dr. Quandary. According to McKay, getting the music together for the tape was the easiest part of this project...
"That all happened in about a week I'd say. Getting 10 guys was way easier than I thought. So then I started working on the art while they worked on tracks. It took quite a while because I made an original piece for each of them & also the cassette cover. Once that was done & I got the tapes, I decided last minute to make these envelopes by hand to package it all up in. That's proving to take the most time. The first batch of orders is going out tomorrow though." -Joe McKay
It's a steal at $7 and even then McKay says the project will run at a loss. Don't sleep on this one!

Buy Greetings From Spring Break Tapes! on limited edition cassette right here ("I sure did, son!").

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