July 31, 2012


I listened to the first two older tracks I'm posting here, "Shannon" and "Charlotte", on Weird Canada while I downloaded my digital copy of the album (thanks to James from Pleasance Records for including the link), so even before I started listening to this guy's music I was happily expecting to "forget drum ‘n’ bass", because "this is drum ‘n’ drum". Percussion layered on percussion layered on percussion, perfect beats working in tandem with a coterie of reserved effects and minor vocal atmospheres. More than that, I knew "this guy" went by Sexy Merlin, which my positive outlook tells me is probably a good thing. Whatever's the case in that regard, "drum 'n' drum" is certainly true of these first two tracks, taken from his self-titled 7" out on Pleasance last year. Much shorter, perhaps of necessity (if they were recorded with a 7" in mind), they're also less elaborate productions than "Heater", the first single from his new 12" EP of the same name. Ten minutes long and the equation is much more complicated. Though percussion is obviously still the emphasis, synths begin to play a much bigger part in advancing the music and the "vocal atmospheres" have been turned up.

Sexy Merlin - Shannon
Sexy Merlin - Charlotte
Sexy Merlin - Heater
Look for the Heater 12" from Pleasance Records in September.

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