July 18, 2012

House of the Future

For as long as Digitalis has existed (almost 10 years), I've been enthralled by the various projects and musings of Leighton Craig. I realize this is not a familiar name to some, but through his label, Kindling, and his multitudes of collaborations, solo recordings, and otherwise on Soft Abuse, Naturestrip, and others he has amassed an incredible discography. One of his more recent projects is a duo with Sandra Selig called Primitive Motion (it should be noted both played in the massively underrated Deadnotes together as well). Primitive Motion are quite accurately described as "caveman rumba aka neanderthal pulsewave" and it's a badge they should wear proud. It is music that is rough and even a little awkward on the surface, but once you scratch a little deeper, it will simply infect you. Craig's skeletal rhythms and surprisingly hypnotic keyboard melodies flow like a lazy river, whisking you away to some place where the sun only wants to shine. Listening to this, I feel like I'm living in the sky. Beautiful.

Stream: Primitive Motion - House of the Future

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