July 18, 2012

Kanada 70

I only stumbled onto Kanada 70 after an email conversation which tipped me off to the new installment of Constellation's excellent Musique Fragile series. A little background on Musique Fragile ­- it's an art-intensive boxed set that features three full-length LPs by different artists. Vol 01 came out in late 2010 and features records from Les Momies De Palerme (who are totally amazing, by the way), Khôra, and Nick Kuepfer. Vol 02 just came out and features Hangedup & Tony Conrad, Pacha, and the artist this post is about, Kanada 70. It's an incredible amount of good music and art for a very reasonable price, so you'd be well-advised to dig in a little more at Constellation's website.

But for me, Kanada 70's Vamp Ire is the cream of this year's crop. Craig Dunsmuir is the brains behind the project and spews forth a series of heavily-repetitive, looped-out sonic collisions. One of the most striking aspects is that he plays and punches everything by hand. It makes sure everything still has an organic feeling to it, that it never achieves any sort of perfection but recklessly crashes into new sonic spaces. Heavy hints of industrial and minimal techno find their way to the surface, but Dunsmuir is careful to keep adding and peeling layers, showcasing an impressive ability to alter course and keep you on our toes. Elements of noise and prog make their way into the scheme as well, ensuring that Vamp Ire is a bizarrely wonderful 40 minute journey through a seemingly endless maze of influences and ideas.

Stream: Kanada 70 "Mou"

Stream: Kanada 70 "Molle"

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