July 16, 2012


Last week MTVHive did a really great piece on Long Island Electrical Systems, more simply known as L.I.E.S, one of our perennial favorites in Brooklyn's dance scene and a new bastion of experimental dance music, generally. The feature came as the latest installment in Andy Beta's Mutant Dance Moves column for the website, where he writes:
"This summer has turned into a busy time for the L.I.E.S. label with a half-dozen new singles landing in record shops as well as Morelli’s DJ set during MoMA/P.S.1’s perennial Summer Warm-Up series this weekend alongside Detroit’s Underground Resistance label. Both the L.I.E.S. label’s most ambitious and abstract release to date comes from a totally unknown producer named Jahiliyya Fields. Clad in a pitch black sleeve with an eerie symbols seemingly scratched into it befitting a Norwegian black metal release, Unicursal Hexagram spreads six throbbing, maleficent tracks across two 12”s. White noise blasts and analog drones build and build without offering release, but for fans of Black Dice, Terry Riley or Wolf Eyes, who would want to escape such a sound?" -Andy Beta
Check out the full article with some music samples here - you will not regret the effort. Here's one of our favorite tracks that Beta highlighted, from a release we feel may be most exemplary of the label's public social orientation and aesthetic goals, from the appropriately named "Unkown Artist".

Stream: Unknown Artist - Journey 1

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