July 2, 2012

Lifted Up

A few weeks ago I went to a show at the Soapbox here in Wilmington to see a few bands of friends play. I'd heard from Eric at Gravity Records that opening band Free Clinic, the bedroom pop project of Ben Rose, was pretty awesome via some home demos he's heard; and Ben had gathered a full band of homies for the live incarnation. They ended up putting on the best live performance I've seen this side of 2012, getting the whole crowd into it and dancing around. Rose manages to capture emotional tones in every note plucked on his guitar, and then couples it with a vocal performance that is striking and pained and beautiful all at once. Then he lets us dance to his potential misery. Last Thursday Rose released his first EP, titled Lifted Up. The EP proves that while his live bandmates certainly accentuate the songs in a great way, the beauty at the root of each track comes directly from Ben himself.

Stream/Download: Free Clinic - Lifted Up EP

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