July 2, 2012

Living Room Visions does the Summer

Above and to your left we have the cover for the new summer mixtape from our favorite facebook-based music collective, Living Room Visions. It's out now on a double cassette via Sunup Recordings, though I don't know how the label's proprietor chose to adapt his humorous packaging to the purpose. The image on the right graces the cover of the Ailanthus-released LRV live exhibition VISION_01. Issued within days of each other, the two form the first comprehensive document of the private group, though the back catalogs at Sunup and Ailanthus contain experimental gems from at least a dozen stalwarts. Regarding VISION_01, Ailanthus writes...
VISION_01 was a live show/installation piece depicting the very first "Living Room Vision". The venue was transformed to create an intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the at-home experience. The vision of the bedroom (or in this case living room) production experience has been portraying and experienced through computer screens throughout this planet, VISION_01 serves to reproduce that vision as filtered through the digital paradigm in hopes to create a brand new tangible experience.

The show featured NYKDLN with guests Kevin Horvath (Musk, OwlWeed, RadGravity, The Sunflower Spectacle), Alan Horvath (BP Gulf, RadGravity, OwlWeed, The Sunflower Spectacle) and Derek Gresh (Musk, The Anti-Corn League, The Sunflower Spectacle) whom was contacted through a tape recorder live during the perfomance. Arte Povera, from Virginia played, a solo artist on tour with Lost Trail, whom also played alone and was on tour from North Carolina. Brandon Locher closed the show, premiering brand new material and following up with a live presentation of his Conversations, 2012 piece.
Though the two projects were released in a coordinated fashion and very roughly describe the activities of the entire group, more can be said on that. Vision_01 showcases the mostly American East Coast-based performance wing of the group, while the summer mixtape does a better job of actually representing the entire membership, well distributed as they are. 

In any event, now's as good a time as any to announce Decoder is now helping curate Free Music Archive's collection, so I thought we could try embedding one of their players from our upload of the Living Room Vision's mixtape. Incidentally, the double-cassette mixtape is available from Sunup.

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