July 20, 2012


I've been sitting on this post for long enough that the two tracks we're streaming, "Light Falls" and "White Sun Re-Vision" have been superseded by a single from a new album, but maybe that's too much without any back story. MagicHour is Colin Yarck, the producer behind electro-pop band Walter Meego, put out the two tracks as a brief introduction to his solo recordings and is now moving forward promoting "My Kind", the first single from a debut full length. Here's that...

Stream: MagicHour - "My Kind"

By all reports, the last couple of years have been weird for Yarck, but no less productive for having been otherwise complicated; his upcoming first album in the guise of his new, Remember Harder, collects some of those songs.
"I wanted to group a selection of the slew of music I've been making lately in the traditional album form to capture the sounds that are uniquely my own, as well as translate the mood of the ups and downs of the past couple years. Walter Meego fans will recognize some of the flavors, heavily synthesized, beat-driven music with a melodic sensibility, but with slightly less emphasis on straight electronic pop and some further exploration into the busy sonic environment I really enjoy crafting." -Colin Yarck
Not surprisingly, Yarck's music sounds more produced than his collaborative output as Walter Meego, not least because of the new vocal duties he seems to be holding down well on his own, deprived of Justin Sconza's distinctive vocals. IDM is the easiest way to describe where Yarck's gone, though he cautions that these two tracks have "a more straight dance-y vibe than most MagicHour stuff" and explains the pairing; "they are musical cousins". I'm tempted to say I like that direction better, but "My Kind" is pretty gripping in spite of the more complex balance Yarck is shooting for with it.

Stream: Magic Hour - "Light Falls" & "White Sun Re-Vision"
Click through to soundcloud where you'll find a link to download the two songs for free. Remember Harder will be released in August 2012.

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