July 18, 2012


Homeowner is the latest nom-de-plume of Massachusetts resident, Joe Bastardo. Previously he spun his magic as Bastian Void (and as far as I know that project still exists, though his main affections have turned to Homeowner), he's recently self-released, on his Moss Archive label, a fantastic Homeowner cassette called Mimeotures. I love Joe's description of this tape as " a collage of bite-sized electronic vignettes," not just because it's spot on but it also hints at the charming precociousness of it all. Using two monophonic synthesizers, Bastardo fabricates a string of electronic blips and whirs into elaborate, intricate webs. What really gets me is that even though there's this vague academic feel to everything, it's all very warm and unpolished in an endearing way. It's quite special. (And bonus points for Bastardo's always excellent cover designs!)

Stream: Homeowner - Mimeomix
Mimeotures is available on cassette from Moss Archive.

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