July 2, 2012

Nasa Space Universe

Recordings be damned, sometimes a band's name is all you need to know you're in for something particularly offbeat. Musically influenced by dirty, blistering SoCal hardcore and lyrically by everything from Jerry Fallwell to H.P. Lovecraft and Phillip K. Dick, the California punk outfit Nasa Space Universe trade in experimentation and oddity and just being fucking weird. Started in 2006 in Santa Ana, they've since released several recordings and have built a certain amount of notoriety around their interstellar brand, if not for the dirty, unrelenting quality of their releases, then for their live shows. Their amusing Wikipedia page cites audience participation at their shows, including such lovely activities as "sacrificial consumption" and "desecration of objects", stories I amazingly managed to somewhat validate from a friend. Having such a crazed show means they've frequented all types of D.I.Y. venues around the country, recently including legendary club The Smell in L.A. and 285 Kent in NYC. I had the misfortune of missing them locally when they rolled through Raleigh on a summer tour not too long ago, but hearing highly bizarre reports from the gig was enough to tell me I won't be letting that happen next time.

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