July 17, 2012

Oliver Shilling

Among the cadre of energetic Brits we keep ourselves in regular correspondence with, Oliver Shilling is a standout. A former architecture student and graphic designer with a passion for independent music, we've crossed paths on numerous occasions and found ourselves better for it on each one. Right now, Shilling is looking for the "elusive first job" and frankly I can't believe he's still looking. To bide his time, he's set himself to a couple of different projects. The first, called 100 Great Albums, has him re-imagining famous album covers, while another called Maybe I Should Be... will ultimately showcase a huge variety of brand graphics for "Oliver Shilling" the architect, the airline, the casino, the tailor. On top of that, he helps run a non-profit clothing line called Out the Woods Clothing, that donates 100% of its profits to charity. Hire Oliver Shilling and check out these projects while you're at it - I've got a couple of my favorite re-imagined covers up top and down below.

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