July 12, 2012

Peak Behind the Window

Matt Sage is a lot of awesome things, such as the 2012 poet laureate of Fort Collins, CO and the brilliant mind behind cassette label Patient Sounds. He's been making music alone and with fiends for years under various monikers (Kick Majestic, M. Pyres, M. Sage, Smelly Magic), with his most recent offering being under his Wellington Downs guise. Peak Behind the Window is built on post-punk guitars and droning synths and drum loops that venture into worlds we've yet to explore with Sage. Each track seemingly builds its own texture and emotion, expanding upon feelings and ideas without words. It's proof that no matter the medium, Sage can effectively convey whatever point he needs to make, all while leaving us begging for more.

Stream: Wellington Downs - Peak Behind the Window
Head over to Patient Sounds to grab the tape, which as per there usual lately is limited to 25 copies.

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