July 26, 2012

Peak Twins / Scott and Charlene's Wedding split 12"

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop is the lamest noun in the pop music lexicon. I see it everywhere and when I see it I know right away what it is without knowing what it is, really. A quick deep troll of the cyber pond would dredge up a "pop" in 90 percent of the posts about the new split LP by Peak Twins and Scott and Charlene's Wedding. Three pops pop up in the label's blurb alone. But I bought it anyway. It's pop. It's songy songs that make you go la la la. It's what makes you realize and understand that they feel happy sad when the sun goes down in Australia, too. I played the Scott and Charlene's Wedding side while I washed the dishes, and it was still playing when I sit back in my zero-gravity chair to write this. My wife has dashed off for a six-pack of beer and a jug of pop, so I got it going good and loud, because it's got a pinch of punk. The other side, the Peak Twins side, is heavier on the syrup, not in the sweetness sense, but in viscosity, as though the peppy poppy-ness of it is all caught up and slowed down in gloppy goo. They cover "Needles and Pins" and it's transcendent and droll all at the same time. They do the la la la part with just one la. 

If you give $16.75 to Night People, they will send you a limited edition Australian-Iowan pop art print.

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