July 17, 2012

Premiere: It is rain in my face. - Duck In a Row

I'm sure that for Mat Jones recording as It is rain in my face. has been a joy, though it's far too easy to turn any discussion of his material into a discussion of the name. I'm doing it now (but only because I think Mat already knows how much we like him). Having said that, the pratfalls of unconventional forms can often speak to their focus as much as it might the difficulty of transmitting them to others. Mat has done a particularly good job of keeping his focus and building his work into the most coherent and clear articulation of itself as possible, as evinced by the more than a year long gap since his last release, a free EP he put out via bandcamp called Small Prayer. Since then, Mat has cultivated the captivating interplay of vocals and production that he so expertly balanced on Small Prayer, made more textural and dynamic by the use of live instrumentation in determining the direction of songs on his self-titled debut full length, available digitally and on cassette from DZ Tapes on August 21st. Thanks to that cadre, we get to share the first cut from the album with you. "Duck In a Row" stands out on the album for its near perfect distillation of Mat's varied musical impulses; powerful vocals coupled with wide-ranging beat excursions across patterns of melody and live guitar.

MP3: It is rain in my face. - Duck In a Row
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