July 20, 2012

Premiere: Minden - New Age

Portland's Minden should start turning a lot of heads any minute now. Having recently relocated from Kansas City, the sextet (only a quintet on their new record) has certainly found their stride. Headed by should-be-legendary-frontman Casey Burge, Minden are like a time machine and I'm not sure if they've been transported from the future or the past. They write songs that are timeless, highlighted by Burge's incredible melodies and lyrics and Evan Houston's soul-infused basslines. Don't get me wrong, everyone involved plays a key role in what makes Minden great, but it's those bass hooks and Burge's overwhelming presence that put it over the top.

"New Age" kicks off their forthcoming self-released LP, Exotic Cakes, and couldn't be better at setting the mood.  It just reeks of debauchery in the best way (just like Burge's solo single, Dangerous, from earlier this year). You know that you're being schmoozed, but it doesn't matter. This music is so smooth, so intoxicating that as soon as you take that first sip, you know how the night is going to end. When Burge belts out " I could tell that the end was coming in on what I've been into," you can't help but get ready to take the next ride.

Few albums can be tagged with "money" (as Exotic Cakes is on Minden's bandcamp) and be 100% spot on. Let this soundtrack your drunken escapes this fall. And be sure to check the bandcamp page (and the album when it's out) for a full lyrical rundown. It's persuasive poetry on a waterbed perspiring from all the electric bodies in motion.

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