July 23, 2012

Premiere: Paw Paw - Sleep Sweet or Dont

Paw Paw is the solo moniker of Eston Lathrop, whom I know best as one of the two incredible drummers from the band Woodsman. Throughout the summer he has slipper out various beautiful drones, and now he is readying his first physical release on Fire Talk. Lay Down In The Flower Bed will "drop" digitally tomorrow, with a cassette version to drop more literally on August 21. On "Sleep Sweet or Dont" Paw Paw creates vibrant textures of ambiance laced with tribal drums and sparse, well placed synth warbles that seem to paint a desert landscape washed in light reds and faded purples. Flower Bed is filled with tracks that play out like detailed paintings of different sceneries, creating a brilliant collection of out-of-this-world drones that create a mood of their own.

Stream/Download: Paw Paw - Sleep Sweet or Dont
Lay Down In The Flower Bed is out digitally tomorrow (July 24), with a cassette release to follow on August 21.

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