July 24, 2012


SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL is the filmic dub division of musical holding company TRANSMOLECULAR, a one-man conglomerate & large shareholder of BETAWAVE X and MX7 among others. Though the multiple and stylistically-diverse entities may suggest a certain schizophrenic fractured vision, SKRS (the preferred diminutive) is solid evidence of a distinctly personal sound-narrative.

Through carefully arranged bass humps, understated neo-noir synth melodies, textures & dancehall excerpts, forthcoming debut The Call From Below offers something that's as deep emotionally as aurally; this is the core of my impressions when listening to this record: deep is clearly the operative word. I've always detected a satisfyingly complex emotional quality to reggae music, a uniquely rolled spliff of dark and light vibe-blends, and SKRS captures and bends it perfectly into new forms. This is a very easy album to imagine a narrative to - not just sonic landscapes but developed characters within them - and it's one of the reasons this is among my favorite records from this year.


The Call From Below is out on Digitalis Recordings (vinyl/digital) in August.

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