July 11, 2012

Premiere: These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes split

With breadth and consideration, new Denver imprint Planted Tapes have established themselves as thoughtful curators with their debut cassette, a split between guitarists/composers Zak Boerger (as These Wonderful Evils) and Val Franz (as Last Eyes). While it seems that synthesizers and computers have usurped guitars as the scene's main tool for solo experimentation (I'm no blog-anthropologist so I can't be sure), this split avoids the potential trappings of guitar music and reminds us why the instrument is great in the first place: it can sound emotional and human, and we can connect with it. And thoughtfully joined together, the artists on this tape do so through very different approaches: Evils' acoustic side one will probably bring the term 'American Primitivism' to mind, while Eyes' electric side two was accurately pinned by the label as 'ambient-punk'. You can hear an excerpt from both on the track below (the wave-form should make it obvious where one excerpt ends and the other begins).

Stream: These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes split You can grab the tape now, and readers in the Denver area can see both perform at a release show this Sunday at Yellow Feather Coffee.