July 23, 2012

Give Your Light Off

If you want to get a quick sense of how far Woods have come over the last three years listen to their last five seven inches, starting with "Sunlit" b/w "The Dark" and ending with "Cali in a Cup" b/w "Give Your Light Off." It's like hanging a master painter's masterpiece next to something they did during their last year of grad school. Their skills have skyrocketed. Fortunately, their weirdness hasn't been cast aside like some burnt-out power booster. The B side of the new single is just as weirdo friendly as the A-side of "I Was Gone," but it doesn't sound "sloppy and hoarse," as my old-man-record-store-owner friend has been known to say of my favorite contemporary band. It's a song like smoke curling out the top of a bong, sonic ghosts fin Sad-and-Wondrous Land, then a breathy chant g i v e   y o u r   l i g h t   o f f   all drawn out and euphoric, then a slow-lopey island beat, and a pinch of wah-wah at the end. It's masterly weird, and it calms the canines.

Pre-order at Woodsist.

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