July 10, 2012

The Lost Tapes

I played Can's Future Days for a friend who used to be a reggae star in Washington D.C. and he couldn't believe it was from 1973. Seriously, blew his mind. It hadn't occurred to me that they were ahead of their time because I hadn't really associated them with time, they were so far off the continuum. My friend wanted to hear everything I had, so I played it all from '69 to 74. If he weren't in Africa right now he'd be over here freaking out on this three-CD boxset of stuff from Can's archive, The Lost Tapes. They recorded everything back then -- their practices and concerts and songwriting sessions -- long, amazing and mazing marches through Improvisationland. The collection was chaos, hours and hours of tapes with no song lists, newer jam sessions recorded on top of older ones. They culled the best and arranged it according to feel. It all flows together and takes you way the hell out there and sounds like it was delivered from the future.

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