July 3, 2012


Claps may seem particularly evocative in my head, setting the group and their latest album Glory, Glory almost instinctively alongside this years recordings from our friend Dylan, aka Some Ember. Both draw heavily from minimalist sensibilities, though Claps doesn't actually end up sounding that minimalist to me - on "Shelter" different tones and tracks beep in and out of the foreground, but ultimately forward motion and a sense of growth builds out of the evolving shapes those configurations take. I haven't gotten to spend much time with the entire album, but our good friends at Moon Glyph report of Glory, Glory, their 44th release:
"Traversing aesthetics from the synthy concrete insistence of "Shelter" to the title track's grim sacrament, the group delivers this new thought. In the act of cleansing the spirit, we find a weight lifted and the demons purged." -Moon Glyph
Stream: Claps - Shelter
Buy Glory, Glory on cassette from Moon Glyph.

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