July 12, 2012

Teddy Bears

Having found out about Fortyone's new album Teddy Bears from our close personal friend Joshua Rogers of Broken Machine Films, who linked me to his website, I hadn't much information to go on save that Mr. Fortyone's website is a monument to good fun. I can't help but construe Teddy Bears' cover art and contents in the same light, which he confirms in an email, callin it "'love everyone' lovey dovey stuff", which is born out in the range of vocal samples that he collects for his composition. The primarily vocal bit in album opener "Turn Me On" says "You can tolerate him if you try" then laments knowing "people in the world who do not love their fellow human beings". Suffice it to say, this guy seems nice and this music should make you feel the same. Regarding his process, he writes...
"I dislike the name 'sound collage' for all of my music because to me it doesn't convey enough of a sense of music. When I think of sound collage I think of cut-ups and spoken word bits and at most 'soundscapes' . . . But I don't have a better moniker in mind. 'Sample collage' [and] 'audio collage' are not much better. . . . 
I record all my samples via a very old PC mic propped up against a stereo speaker. The one speaker I have hooked up. I do not believe in stereophonic sound. I don't mind rendering an mp3 in stereo if I have to but I absolutely despise recording and structuring tracks in stereo where some sounds are on one side and not the other, etc. I hate that. So I record all my stuff in mono, convert stereo samples to mono, and render my mp3s at 128kbps and mono."
Sounds plenty laborious, but his output is huge, so it must be rewarding. Incidentally, I kind of like "sample collage" as a way of describing the style of composition, if not the actual sound of the music. I at least tend to think of those as terms that only necessarily refer to origins and a type of integration, but not necessarily a structure - in that sense the use of the word "collage" can be misleading.

Fortyone - Play With Me
Fortyone - Wedding Bells (ft. Hank Williams)
Fortyone - Whatever (ft. Pac-Man)
Download Teddy Bears here.

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