July 9, 2012


THEM is the collaborative project of Columbia, SC-based Figaro the Kid and ATL-based TCHNCLR (aka Dandy Warhol); both bedroom producer/rappers. Together they make "queer electronic/rap". You may not be sure if in this instance queer means homosexual or if it just means weird (it means both), but either way, this is some club shit you can get down to. Synths bounce around thudding bass and outrageous claps on the more hype tracks, while even the toned down tracks come across as explosive and never stop thudding. Figaro and Dandy tear the tracks up when rapping, proving being gay does not mean being soft, and when they take a break on the mic you'll find the duo sampling the likes of Ciara, Khia, Azealia Banks and more. They (meaning THEM) just released their first mixtape last week, so beat those Monday blues by pretending it's Friday and wildin' out in the office.

Stream/Download: THEM - The Mixtape Vol. 1


  1. Some hard-as-fuck queer rap:


  2. Thanks so much, really appreciate it!