July 17, 2012

The Thunder of Wonder

Seth Graham's recordings as Henry Dawson, a name I tend to connect with the Canadian researcher (if only because it's too hard to imagine it being a homage to the landscape painter), might already be familiar to some of our longtime readers and those of you who listen in more classically experimental veins. His last album, The Thunder of Wonder, only recently found its way into our tape deck but it's a doozy. Released in the catalog of label Goldtimers, the most recent addition to its consistent stream of quality fringe works from synth and experimental auteurs, I found The Thunder of Wonder to be an almost uniquely musical release for the label, though the slow progression in its songs is obscured by abstract textures and tones, as well as some liberally applied warping. In that sense, it is the textbook "challenging" album; "there's candy under all that noise, I'm sure of it!" and if you can sync up with it for more than a couple songs, it's pretty great. To give some comparison, this is Goldtimers' description...
"A sonic stash of synapse bong bubbles, bug flutters, psi-fi shakedowns, 'Runaway' spiders, and mental reboots. Henry Dawson enters your skull, smokes yr brain, and calls it a day!"
So, the long and short of it is, you've got to let Mr. Dawson in, but he'll do all the talking once you do.

Stream: The Thunder of Wonder extract
Buy The Thunder of Wonder on cassette from Goldtimers.

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