July 5, 2012

Video: Birch Cooper - I Was a Teacher

Let me start off by saying this is one of my favorite music videos and one of the best new music videos I've seen all year. There's something really wonderful about a first person music video... though Birch Cooper's song "I Was a Teacher" begins with a slow grate reminiscent of chalkboards, the flow of visual information is already unique and compelling after 10 seconds of Brenna Murphy's video with the chalkboard quickly becoming reality, oblique characters writing themselves on a centralized screen within a screen. After moving between the 3D modeled universe reminiscent of FPS games and back to the "screen", Murphy begins to visualize Cooper's sonic dystopia through a sequence of significant juxtapositions, mediating one beautiful tableau after another with grids and dread patterns. 

"I Was a Teacher" comes from Cooper's new album of the same name, which you'll be able to buy from, you guessed it, Digitalis Industries, around July 17th.

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