July 18, 2012

Video: Crushed Beaks - Grim

Last month Crushed Beaks dropped the single "Grim" digitally via Paint It Black. The track is a charged up shoegazing garage number that will get your ankles twisting in the most delightful ways. Today they've debuted this stellar horror-short to accompany the song. If you just wake-n-baked with your dad you're in for an even more delightful treat, but this video is pretty rad regardless. Set up as an homage to the Italian days of horror, the clip showcases an obvious obsession with the plague and expelling unnatural items from the body. It's all done tactfully and the video is shot fantastically, leaving us just a little woeful when the video closes out just before it reaches the two-minute mark.

You can "pick up" Grim digitally via iTunes.

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