July 12, 2012

Video: Laser Background - Weird Conscience

Last month I got all sorts of giddy over Laser Background. A bit on the bizarre side, his brand of garage-pop is so infectious that I just dare you not to sing along by the third or fourth listen. It's just that fun. This Monday his debut self-titled EP will release on Stroll On Records. This video for the track "Weird Conscience" definitely lives up to the weird side of its name, and certainly implants a new found phobia of adopting into my conscience that I'd never expected to have. Pretty colors, butterflies and foaming mouths put my heart to ease by the end, though. As long as robo-boys can still enjoy a good ice cream cone, there's nothing to fear. After a few views of that beauty you can stream a couple more tracks from the EP below.

Laser Background drops July 15, but you can already order your copy of the cassette (ltd. 100 edition) via Stroll On.

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