July 26, 2012

Video: Living Every Dream

Late summer is near, but that doesn't mean that you need to stop compiling super rad songs for your ongoing summer mixtape. So in that spirit, peep the 90's-inspired breezy vibes (and suitably lo-fi companion video) of "Live Every Dream" from Bay Area rapper Antwon. Dude's been working with many a dope producer lately (including Decoder favorite Ryan Hemsworth) and this track, produced by BK-via-Denver producer Pictureplane, is equally worthy. The song skewers up the DNA remix of Suzanne Vega's famous pop tune "Tom's Diner," into a verified Miami 1994 cruise jam. And the Brandon Tauszik-directed video, which premiered over at Spin today, is pitch-perfect as well; all the stylistic quirks of the 90's are all at work in delicious ways here. Amusement park footage with wide pans? Check. Slow-mo choreographed dancing in urban areas? Check. Antwon rapping in the passenger's seat of a convertible while a rich white girl drives? Check check check.

Video: Antwon - Live Every Dream

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