July 8, 2012

Wood & Wire Introduced on NWA Podcast

In its 29th episode the New Weird Australia podcast helped reinforce the launch of the group's new imprint Wood & Wire by offering a "label sampler" that includes "tracks from Peon, Emily Grantham, BOK Darklord and Machine Death, plus exclusive previews of our next two releases from Shisd and Regional Curse". The Australian non-profit's new label will focus on promoting Australian experimentation via "free artist specific EPs and albums, rather than compilations" as with their older and more regular offerings. Poor me, I hadn't heard about the new imprint until now or even listened to NWA's podcast (which has one of the best intros around), so episode 29 would be a great place to start listening and a great way to find Wood & Wire.

Download the entire episode here.

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