July 23, 2012

Xiu Xiu Remixes 7"

The folks at Bad Paintings recently released a new 7" and cassette with Xiu Xiu, featuring remixes from Deerhoof and Kid 606 to tracks from this years' Always LP on Bella Union and Polyvinyl. The tape was limited to 50 copies and sold quickly, but it looks like the 7" is still in stock. Deerhoof took on the uncomfortably named "I Luv Abortion", allowing the track to retain it's squirmy uncomfortable vibes while amping up the sci-fi oscillations and starting an all-out space war. Kid 606 goes the club-mix route for "Joey's Song". Choral vocals are chopped and splashed across the thudding beat and whirling synths while the track avoids the original's somber nature almost entirely. While the a-side track's name is a bit goofy, Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart is also readying a 7" with Graveface for their Charity Subscription Series, with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Since I'm a male and can't give birth, I don't believe I have any right to say if a woman can have an abortion or not, but regardless of my feelings it's great to see Stewart doing what he knows he can to make a difference, and PP do more than just hand out abortions.

Stream: Xiu Xiu - Remixes 7"
You can order the Remix 7" now via Bad Paintings.

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