August 6, 2012


The internet in 2012 can be a dark, foreboding jungle for musicians. With so many genres and directions to take electronic music, one can open a Soundcloud and attempt for months to slowly grapple their way over the Juke rivers and through the barren Balearic beat plains, only to find themselves lost in a deep, murky swamp of influences, unsure of their musical direction. Luckily for Colorado producer LUST and Raleigh, North Carolina producer Dreams West, their primal, disco-influenced music comes readymade to deal with any situation. The new cassette split from the two, 12:56, out today from the cuties over at Chill Mega Chill, is one that marries elements of the recent West-Coast electronic disco tip with a bit of Houston flavor and other bits to create a sort of slow-motion, highly listenable disco-funk. The tape, comprised of a mix of songs from each artist, some remixes of each other, and a collaboration, "Driving Pleasures," is a pleasant ride from front to back: Lust's huge-sounding "Through The Desert" floats with DJ Screw-ish vocals and crashing snare, while Dreams West's "V er sa il l e s" is a straight up synth jam that feels deliciously warbled in parts. Cop the tape over at Chill Mega Chill's Bandcamp, otherwise you'll never make it out of the jungle alive.

Stream: LUST and Dreams West - 12:56

is out today on Chill Mega Chill Records.

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