August 23, 2012

Behold a Golden Throng

Feltbattery is the sound art project of Raleigh, NC's Benjamin Trueblood. Trueblood's work is built from extensive and, more importantly, attentive field recordings, charting in sound the intersection of nature's wildness and the imposing assertiveness of the manmade. His newest release on Migration Media, Behold ae Golden Throng, is built from five years worth of gathered recordings of bees, frogs, locusts and other 'social creatures'. These bits of natural ephemera were then processed by Trueblood and a fleet of capable collaborators into a noisy, sometimes disturbing tapestry of near-mechanical rumbles wrestling alongside the humming of animal instinct. Behold a Golden Throng is a carefully-stitched blanket of varied, but common, threads coming together to form a new spectrum of blistering noise and burbling, intriguing sounds. A seventy-one minute, twenty-one track epic that never feels like a slog; only jarring, transcendent, and frequently moving.

Behold a Golden Throng will be available September 4th in an edition of 100 copies in handmade envelopes from Migration Media.

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