August 3, 2012

Captain Murphy

While chatting with Raf from Heart & Soul yesterday he pointed out to me the recent Adult Swim Singles Program release from Flying Lotus, which features Earl Sweatshirt and the mysterious Captain Murphy on it. Murphy has two other tracks (that feature colorful tripped out gifs in place of videos) currently up on his YouTube page, where his user handle also includes "Villain" placed at the end, leading many to make MF Doom comparisons/connections to this cryptic MC. A lot of folks are of the opinion that it's another member of Odd Future disguising their voice, some have suggested it's all of the members, and Murphy himself has more than once hinted that we are all him. Regardless of who he is, be it just some dude named Captain Murphy or Doom himself playing with OF, the tracks are very rad with excellent production and varied effects on the vocals that make for an awesomely heady listen. Check out the two solo tracks above and below, and listen to the FlyLo track featuring Murphy and Earl over here.

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